Working at MorphoSys

MorphoSys’s corporate philosophy is geared to the people who are working in, and with the Company and places a strong emphasis on honesty, trust and respect. This philosophy is not only written down in our credo, but also influences our daily interaction and communication within the Company. Based on collaboration and teamwork, we have created an environment where social responsibility is taken into account and in which every employee is encouraged to develop, advance and improve his or her own situation.

Living & Working in Munich

MorphoSys’s headquarters is located in Martinsried, in close proximity to the Bavarian metropolis Munich (München). Martinsried as part of the Munich Biotech Cluster is the leading biotechnology region in Germany, with around 100 biotech companies. A key factor in the success of the region is its proximity to the two Munich universities, each with a university clinic, as well as the Max Planck Institutes for Biochemistry, Neurobiology and Psychology and the GSF National Research Center for Environment and Health.

MorphoSys's headquarters in Martinsried/Munich, Germany

MorphoSys's headquarters in Martinsried/Munich, Germany

Munich is a city of contradictions: Traditions exist side by side with high-powered industry. Its museums include world-class collections of artistic masterpieces, and its music and cultural scenes give other big cities a run for their money. The Munich area is famous for its highly attractive recreational offerings. The nearby lakes and mountains are ideal for all kinds of leisure time activities. Especially families appreciate its modern infrastructure with a wide variety of schools and day-care facilities for younger children.

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MorphoSys Credo

Ethical guidelines and Code of Conduct for all employees of MorphoSys.

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