MorphoSys has always had a reputation for great technology, but increasingly the Company’s comprehensive pipeline is taking center stage. By maximizing the number of programs based on its technology, MorphoSys increases its future upside and reduces the risk which always accompanies the development of new medicines. The list of product candidates developed by the Company’s partners includes exciting programs such as Roche’s Alzheimer’s disease antibody Gantenerumab, Janssen Biotech's anti-inflammatory antibody Guselkumab and Novartis’s BHQ880, a first-in-class cancer antibody that promotes bone formation in multiple myeloma patients.

Proprietary Products Complement Partnered Programs

MorphoSys’s proprietary programs complement the larger contribution to its pipeline from pharmaceutical partnerships. Its most important proprietary compound is the anti-inflammatory antibody MOR103. This program has successfully concluded a phase 1b/2a trial in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and is being evaluated in a phase 1b in multiple sclerosis. MOR103 also has the potential to treat other inflammatory diseases. MOR103 is part of MorphoSys's collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline.

Business Model with Balanced Risk/Reward Profile

MorphoSys’s distinctive and sustainable business model has put the Company in a very strong financial position. This strength provides the foundations for a substantially increased investment in proprietary product and technology development, which, in turn, will drive growth and value generation. The Company’s ability to fund all internal development activities while remaining profitable is a unique feature of its business model, setting it apart from the majority of high-risk, cash-burning biopharmaceutical companies.


Product Pipeline

The pipeline is increasingly taking center stage.

Proprietary Drugs

The Company's own product development activities are increasingly becoming visible.