Corporate Governance

We at MorphoSys believe the essence of good corporate governance involves efficient cooperation between a Company’s Management and Supervisory Board, respect for the shareholders’ interests, as well as openness and transparency of corporate communication. Moreover, we feel strong corporate governance is an integral part of the MorphoSys corporate value system. As such, the Company believes that adherence to high corporate governance standards will ultimately increase shareholder value.

MorphoSys ensures compliance with the laws and rules of conduct, especially through the use of a Group-wide Code of Conduct, as well as through supplementary internal guidelines. MorphoSys’s “Code of Conduct” sets out the fundamental principles and key policies and practices for behavior in business. The Code serves as a valuable tool for employees and management staff particularly in business, legal, and ethical situations of conflict.

In addition, the Code of Conduct strengthens transparency and consistent management principles as well as the strengthening the trust in the Company of the financial markets, business partners, employees, and the public. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is carefully monitored. The Group-wide implementation of the Code is accompanied by the Code of Conduct Committee.


Articles of Association