Business Segments

MorphoSys is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies focusing on fully human antibodies. With its proprietary technologies, MorphoSys is developing the next generation of therapeutic antibodies. MorphoSys is committed to create significant value for its employees, shareholders, customers and partners through a sustainable business strategy balancing short-term and long-term growth potentials. 


Partnered Discovery

MorphoSys's Partnered Discovery segment business applies the Company's proprietary technologies to the research, development and optimization of therapeutic antibody drug candidates in partnerschips with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. While the development costs are borne by the respective partner, MorphoSys profits further from successful programs via milestone payments and potential royalties on product sales.

Please learn more about MorphoSys's partnered programs here.

Proprietary Development

In the second segment, Proprietary Development, MorphoSys develops innovative proprietary antibody products to generate added value for the Company. MorphoSys's scientists concentrate on indications such as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, as well as cancer and infectious diseases. In this segment, the compounds are developed independently (or in a co-development setting) to proof clinical efficacy before being out-licensed to pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies for late-stage development and marketing.

More information about our proprietary product portfolio can be found here.


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Company Strategy

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Proprietary Drugs

The Company's own product development activities are increasingly becoming visible.