MorphoSys as a Partner

MorphoSys has secured a reputation as a partner of choice for antibody drug discovery. A number of highly successful partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry have produced 17 antibodies in clinical development, with more to come. Our rich pipeline of therapeutic antibody programs includes unique drug candidates with exciting prospects. Two of our proprietary development programs have attracted industry-leading pharmaceutical partners for further development and commercialization in GlaxoSmithKline and Celgene.

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to collaborate with innovative, science-driven organizations as well as academic institutions, with the goal of engineering the medicines of tomorrow. MorphoSys is looking for antibodies and other biomolecules at late preclinical or early clinical stages for in-licensing or co-development. In addition, we are interested in innovative technology platforms that make possible the generation of even better biopharmaceuticals than can be made today.

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MorphoSys’s portfolio comprises more than 90 antibody development programs.