The oncology market includes a large number of heterogeneous indications demonstrating a wide range of unmet medical needs and incidence rates. Standard treatments for the various forms of cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone treatment. However, new biological products hold the most promise for changing treatment paradigms. Drugs such as therapeutic antibodies allow for highly specific targeting of cancer cells or signaling molecules in order to reduce unwanted side effects.

MorphoSys is currently developing two proprietary compounds against cancer. One is MOR202, a fully human HuCAL-based antibody against CD38, a therapeutic target for the treatment of multiple myeloma and potentially certain leukemias. The program is currently in a  phase 1/2a trial in patients with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma. MOR202 is part of MorphoSys's collaboration with Celgene.

The second proprietary development program MorphoSys is pursuing in this area is MOR208 (XmAb®5574), which MorphoSys in-licensed from Xencor in June 2010. The program is currently in a phase 1 trial in chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).


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MorphoSys’s portfolio comprises more than 90 antibody development programs.

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MorphoSys is currently involved in several active clinical trials.