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MorphoSys has developed new technologies relating to the generation of recombinant antibodies, which set the standard for how antibodies will be made in the future. These technologies provide rapid and direct access to fully human antibodies for use as research tools, diagnostics and therapeutics.

  • Foremost among these technologies is HuCAL, the Human Combinatorial Antibody Library, a collection of several billion distinct fully human antibodies.
  • Slonomics is a proprietary fully automated genetic-engineering platform that utilizes sets of double stranded DNA triplets in the controlled fabrication of highly diverse combinatorial gene libraries.
  • Applied to antibodies, Slonomics becomes arYla - a platform providing high quality, ratio-controlled, combinatorial libraries for optimizing antibodies on their functional-, expression- or biophysical properties.
  • Ylanthia is MorphoSys’s next-generation antibody technology and was presented in December 2011. Ylanthia, which is the industry’s largest antibody Fab library to date, uses a unique and innovative concept for the in vitro generation of highly specific and fully human antibodies.

MorphoSys presents at the following R&D Conferences:


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Mar 11 - Mar 14, 2015 2nd International Conference on Label-Free Technologies Boston, USA ics-Download

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MorphoSys is generating therapeutic antibodies.