Share Buy-Back

Share Buy-Back March 2014

On 3 March 2014, the Executive Board of MorphoSys AG announced the decision to repurchase up to 111,000 of its own shares over the stock market during the time period from 4 March 2014 to 28 March 2014, based on the authorization of the Annual General Meeting on 19 May 2011. This represents up to 0.42 % of the registered share capital of the Company. On the basis of the share price (EUR 67.28; Xetra closing price as of 28 February 2014), the value of the share buy-back program amounts to around EUR 7.5 million (excluding ancillary costs).

The Company intends to use the shares for its long-term incentive programs for its Executive Board and the Senior Management Group, but the shares can also be used for all other legally permitted purposes stated in the authorization of the Annual General Meeting of 2011.

The share buy-back was handled independently of and uninfluenced by the Company through an appointed bank in compliance with the safe-harbor provisions.

The share buy-back was termined on 11 March 2014. 


Overview Share Buy-Back Program March 2014

DateNumber of SharesAverage Price in €Purchased Volume in €
4 March 201420,000 67.5030 1,350,060.00
5 March 201422,000 70.5747 1,552,643.40 
6 March 201417,55071.81171,260,295.34
7 March 201419,65271.08931,397,046.92
10 March 201423,24371.51051,662,118.55
11 March 20148,55570.6932604,780.33