Compensation and benefits


  • Salary: MorphoSys offers competitive salaries
  • Bonus: All employees participate in a bonus program which is based on the achievement of Company-wide goals. Extraordinary performances throughout the year are rewarded with an individual "spot bonus".
  • Old-age provision: A flexible framework agreement between an established insurance company and MorphoSys offers employees the possibility to gradually build up their old-age provision, supported by the Company through monthly grants.
  • Flexible working hours: A “time-clock mentality” is out of tune with the modern principles of our Company. Flexible working hours also help to strike a better balance between professional duties and private needs. MorphoSys eases the return to working life for employees with families by offering various part-time models.
  • Training and development: MorphoSys invests in its employees through demand-oriented and customized internal and external advanced training and development programs
  • Other benefits: In order to allow a better coordination of professional and family life, MorphoSys has been working together with pme Familienservice GmbH for years. The Company has close links with the “BioKids” day care center in Martinsried for children aged from six months to six years with flexible opening hours. Furthermore, we offer sport activities.


The company's philosophy