Sustainable business strategy

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We are committed to engineering the medicines of tomorrow. Our business model weighs risks and rewards connected with drug development. This approach has led to a rich pipeline of differentiated product candidates and financial stability. MorphoSys continues to build on this success by adding programs in which we have a substantial stake to the pipeline.

Balanced business model

MorphoSys is focused on creating significant value for all of its stakeholders through a strategy that balances short- and long-term growth potential. By applying its proprietary technologies, MorphoSys has become a leader in the field of therapeutic antibodies. The company has established successful and lasting partnerships with industry-leading companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Our product pipeline, one of the broadest in the antibody industry, proves the sustainable quality of MorphoSys’s work. Through specific in-licensing and co-development activities, the company is adding higher-value programs to the pipeline at a significant rate. Our comprehensive partnering strategy is an important feature of our business model and a vital source of MorphoSys's financial strength.

MorphoSys is dedicated to become a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company.

Dr. Simon Moroney
Chief Executive Officer

Research and development

At MorphoSys, we unite a profound understanding of disease biology with our experience in the selection, characterization and development of drug candidates. By combining a deep understanding of both target and drug candidates, we are able to contribute significantly to the progress of the unique compounds in our pipeline. We work with partners as necessary to facilitate the process of going from a target to a marketed product. By licensing our platform technologies to leading academic groups and biopharmaceutical companies, we are able to exploit the full potential of these tools and source novel leads for therapeutic applications.