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MorphoSys media center

MorphoSys is strictly committed to the principle of fair disclosure. One of the most important foundations of our corporate communication is to inform all stakeholders simultaneously and comprehensively about the situation of the Company. We pay great attention to transparent and timely communication.

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Investor relations presentations



  1. 08/03/2017
    Q2 2017 Financial Results
  2. 06/22/2017
    dbAccess Berlin Conference
  3. 06/05/2017
    Investor Event ASCO 2017
  4. 05/22/2017
    UBS Global Healthcare Conference
  5. 05/04/2017
    Q1 2017 Financial Results
  6. 04/19/2017
    10th Kempen Life Sciences Conference
  7. 04/05/2017
    Presentation: Roadshow Boston & New York
  8. 03/09/2017
    Year End 2016
  9. 02/16/2017
    LEERINK Partners 6th Annual Global Healthcare Conference
  10. 01/17/2017
    Kepler Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference
  11. 01/12/2017
    J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference


  1. 12/05/2016
    MorphoSys Investor Event ASH 2016 (Dec. 5, 2016)
  2. 12/01/2016
    dbAccess Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Corporate Day
  3. 11/21/2016
    Eigenkapitalforum 2016
  4. 11/14/2016
    Bryan Garnier 4th Healthcare Conference
  5. 09/22/2016
    Baader Investment Conference
  6. 09/20/2016
    Fifth Berenberg and Goldman Sachs Annual German Corporate Conference
  7. 09/15/2016
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Healthcare Conference 2016
  8. 09/14/2016
    Morgan Stanley Global Healthcare Conference
  9. 09/13/2016
    J.P. Morgan London Small/Mid Cap Conference
  10. 09/09/2016
    Goldman Sachs Annual Biotech Symposium
  11. 08/30/2016
    Commerzbank Sector Conference 2016



Management Board

Dr. Simon E. Moroney

Chief Executive Officer,
MorphoSys AG

Jens Holstein

Chief Financial Officer,
MorphoSys AG

Dr. Malte Peters

Chief Development Officer,
MorphoSys AG

Dr. Marlies Sproll

Chief Scientific Officer,
MorphoSys AG

Dr. Markus Enzelberger

Interim Chief Scientific Officer,
MorphoSys AG


Lab shots

Antibody purification

Scientist in protein chemistry lab

Daily work

MorphoSys scientist working in laboratory

Scientist with petri dishes

MorphoSys scientist handling petri dishes

Cell culture experiment

MorphoSys scientist in cell culture lab


MorphoSys Building

MorphoSys in Martinsried/Munich, Germany

New MorphoSys Building Planegg (1)

View of the new Building of MorphoSys in Planegg/Munich, Germany

New MorphoSys Building Planegg (2)

Entrance of the new Building of MorphoSys in Planegg/Munich, Germany

Social media presence

With our engagement in various social media channels, we want to offer a professional and open dialogue with MorphoSys. This is where you can follow us: