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MOR107 is a novel lanthipeptide in clinical development

MOR107 is a lanthipeptide based on Lanthio Pharma’s proprietary technology platform. Lanthipeptides are a novel class of therapeutics demonstrating high target molecule selectivity and drug-like properties. Their high specificity is expected to open up new therapeutic applications with potential in indications that are not usually targeted with antibodies. MOR107 has demonstrated potent angiotensin II type 2 (AT2) receptor-dependent activity in preclinical in vivo studies. By purchasing all remaining shares in the Dutch biopharmaceutical company Lanthio Pharma B.V. in May 2015, MorphoSys added new development candidates to the proprietary portfolio, including MOR107 (formerly LP2).

Clinical Studies

MOR107 is currently being investigated in a clinical phase 1 study to evaluate the safety, tolerability pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in healthy male volunteers. Here you can find further information on the active clinical trial.


MorphoSys acquired the Dutch pharmaceutical company Lanthio Pharma B.V in May 2015. Prior to the acquisition, MorphoSys held 19.98 % of Lanthio Pharma, which it had acquired under its Innovative Capital initiative in 2012 as part of Lanthio Pharma’s Series A funding. In 2014, MorphoSys exercised its option and acquired the technology and, in 2015, went on to purchase all of the remaining shares in Lanthio Pharma B.V., which is specialized in the research and development of lanthipeptides. Here you can find the corresponding press release regarding the transaction.