Innovation Capital

In 2012, MorphoSys launched an initiative that provides capital to promising start-ups with technologies and/or product candidates close to its areas of expertise and interest. In addition, MorphoSys can support potential partners with technology, discovery, preclinical and clinical expertise.

Investment approach

MorphoSys developed HuCAL, the most successful antibody library technology in the pharmaceutical industry. By successfully applying this and other patented technologies, MorphoSys has become a leader in the field of therapeutic antibodies, one of the fastest-growing drug classes in human healthcare. MorphoSys’s core expertise in the intelligent design, generation and screening of diverse protein libraries can be applied to various drug classes. We have already gained expertise outside the antibody sector through activities based on our Slonomics technology.

Portfolio companies

Lanthio Pharma

In November 2012, MorphoSys announced a collaboration with Lanthio Pharma, a Dutch biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing lanthipeptides. MorphoSys also made an equity investment in Lanthio Pharma as part of the company’s Series A financing round. Lanthipeptides comprise a novel class of therapeutics with high target selectivity and improved drug-like properties. Lanthio Pharma's technology LanthioPep can be used to identify peptides which are selective for a specific disease target and to stabilize them in their optimal structural conformation for receptor binding.

In October 2014, MorphoSys exercised an option within the agreement and acquired Lanthio Pharma's lanthipeptide technology for its proprietary drug discovery activities. By exercising the option, MorphoSys took over the lanthipeptide technology and all related intellectual property.

In May 2015, MorphoSys acquired Lanthio Pharma. With the transaction, MorphoSys´s growing proprietary portfolio was complemented by promising lanthipeptide drug candidates, including Lanthio Pharma´s lead candidate LP2 (now MOR107) which is being developed against diabetic nephropathie and fibrotic diseases.


Innovation Capital

Lara Smith-Weber

SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT, Head of Controlling, Corporate Finance & Corporate Development

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