the proprietary portfolio

MorphoSys is committed to broadening its portfolio of novel compounds and is looking to secure alliances along the different stages of drug development and in technology. Backed by a strong financial position with the mandate to invest in compound development, MorphoSys is striving to build the most valuable pipeline of biopharmaceuticals in the biotechnology industry.


therapeutic opportunities

Academic partners can receive broad access to MorphoSys’s Ylanthia technology to validate their portfolio of novel disease-related targets and generate therapeutic antibody candidates against them. In return, MorphoSys would receive the option to in-license and develop individual programs resulting from this work. Exciting new drug candidates may emerge from these partnerships, adding valuable assets to our pipeline. Alliances in this field include agreements with Temple University’s Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research. MorphoSys’s ability to turn an in-licensed target into a valuable commercial opportunity for its academic collaborator and its shareholders is exemplified by the otilimab (MOR103) program. Starting from an exclusive license and collaboration agreement with Melbourne University, the program was advanced by MorphoSys into phase 2 clinical development. Based on proof-of-concept data, MorphoSys secured GlaxoSmithKline as a partner to bring the compound to the market globally.

Various biopharmaceutical companies such as Galapagos and Merck have decided to engage in even more comprehensive alliances with MorphoSys. These partnerships start with joint target validation and antibody generation at MorphoSys and result in drug programs that are co-developed into the clinic and potentially beyond. If beneficial for a potential partner, collaboration agreements can be further enhanced with an investment by MorphoSys as part of our Innovation Capital initiative.


MorphoSys is developing three proprietary compounds in clinical trials and looking to expand its oncology portfolio.
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MorphoSys is already working on a range of immune checkpoint targets, in partnered programs and for its own account.
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Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases

Antibody drugs have transformed inflammatory and autoimmune disease treatments. We are committed to continue this success.
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We provide a complete solution for the challenge of consistently generating antibodies against GPCRs.
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therapeutic opportunities

MorphoSys is looking to in-license targets and compounds, primarily in the core areas of its proprietary development activities: cancer and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Our main focus lies on partnerships related to antibodies, other protein scaffolds and peptides preferably in late preclinical or early clinical stages. MorphoSys is the ideal partner to quickly advance such compounds to the market and provides a high level of attention to each single partner and program. Successful alliances of this kind include the in-licensing of the Fc-enhanced compound tafasitamab (MOR208) from Xencor. 

therapeutic opportunities

By joining forces with market-leading companies, we maximize the value of our pipeline. For example our antibody otilimab (MOR103), has shown MorphoSys ability to take proprietary products from target discovery into clinical development and on to significant licensing agreements. Otilimab has been out-licensed to GlaxoSmithKline for further development and commercialization in rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory autoimmune diseases.

Our intention is to develop a leading portfolio of proprietary drug candidates, and to realize their full potential together with strong development and commercialization partners or on our own account. Decisions as to when and if alliances will be sought for our proprietary assets will be made on a case-by-case basis.


MorphoSys is constantly looking to strengthen its technology platform. We are open to in-license and/or collaborate on complementary approaches with a focus on antibodies, antibody-like formats, scaffolds and therapeutic peptides. The Company’s core expertise in the intelligent design, generation and screening of diverse protein libraries can be applied to various drug classes and approaches. If beneficial for a potential partner, collaboration agreements can be further enhanced with an investment by MorphoSys as part of our Innovation Capital initiative. 

For all enquiries regarding Global BD&L and Alliance Management, please contact:

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Team Assistants Global BD&L and AM

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Please note: MorphoSys has a specific procedure for receiving and processing confidential or proprietary information from external sources. Please contact us to obtain the details of this procedure before sending any such information. For that reason, all unsolicited submissions of any kind will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary and MorphoSys may freely use any ideas, inventions or anything else contained in your submission.