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Future drugs always have to be better than the preparations that are currently available. Clearly differentiated compounds that stand out from the mass of approaches and break new ground form the key value drivers in the pharmaceutical industry. MorphoSys’s technologies and the expertise of its employees support the search for drug candidates with these unique properties.

The company’s technologies possess the powerful feature that they can be applied in very different indications, and MorphoSys scientists use them against a wide range of targets. But no company can take advantage of all these opportunities alone. Together with its partners, MorphoSys is currently developing more than 100 different antibody programs for the treatment of various diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, infectious diseases, cardiovascular dysfunction and inflammation. The partnered pipeline includes novel approaches with exciting prospects such as guselkumab and gantenerumab.

In order to expand its portfolio of unique drug candidates, MorphoSys is continuously looking for partners with innovative targets, supportive technologies and promising antibodies for further development.

Tremfya® (guselkumab) (Janssen)

Guselkumab (CNTO1959) is a HuCAL-antibody specific to IL23p19 and is developed by Janssen Biotech/Johnson & Johnson. The program has concluded phase 2 clinical trials for the indications psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and palmoplantar pustulosis. In spring 2014, promising data from the phase 2b-trial in psoriasis have been published. The antibody is currently being evaluated in six phase 3-trials.

Guselkumab is a very good example of the power of HuCAL, the antibody having been engineered to be specific for IL23. The absolute specificity of guselkumab for IL23 is expected to translate into both efficacy and safety advantages.

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Gantenerumab (Roche)

Gantenerumab is a HuCAL-antibody with blockbuster potential that is being developed by Roche for Alzheimer’s disease. The compound, which aims at the reduction of amyloid plaques in the brain, is currently being evaluated in phase 3-trials in patients with early symptoms of the disease.

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MorphoSys has made HuCAL and its successor technology Ylanthia into reliable sources of therapeutic antibody candidates.
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