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YScreen is a system of laboratory robots and software that facilitates the high throughput screening of HuCAL antibody libraries resulting in the rapid selection of a highly diverse pool of specifically binding antibody fragments.


  • High-throughput automated system
  • Modular and expandable
  • Reduced reaction volumes in 384 well microtiter plates lead to less consumption of antigens and consumables
  • Inline quality control by integrated controls
  • Extremely low intra- and inter-assay variability
  • Efficient data management
  • Output: Specific monoclonal ELISA binders

In order to automate and increase the throughput in antibody generation, the selection process of HuCAL antibodies was simplified, miniaturized and parallelized. The automated system allows the generation of high-quality, validated and sequenced antibodies in a high throughput fashion. The modular system of specialized workstations enables parallel and interlaced handling of work packages. An up-scale of capacity is easily attainable by “cloning” the robotic system or individual components thereof.

screening steps:

  • Automated picking of single bacterial colonies each harbouring a HuCAL antibody gene and transfer into microtiter plates
  • Primary screening of thousands of single clones in a robust 384 well ELISA
  • Automated transfer of a pre-defined selection of ELISA-positive clones for further validation
  • Test of cross-reactivity and quality control of ELISA-positive clones
  • Sequence analysis of validated antibodies and database entry