Leading antibody technologies

Human antibody technologies such as MorphoSys’s HuCAL (Human Combinatorial Antibody Library) have revolutionized drug discovery. HuCAL has made the generation, optimization and progression of therapeutic antibodies into clinical development a smooth process, even against difficult targets. A few numbers illustrate this fact:

  • Over 95% success rate in antibody generation: with many thousands of examples against targets of all kinds, MorphoSys has made HuCAL and its successor technology Ylanthia into reliable sources of therapeutic antibody candidates.
  • Because antibodies are optimized at the outset, success rates are high: more than one in five of the programs we start progresses from antibody generation to the clinic.
  • HuCAL has been the source of 20 antibodies currently in clinical development, making it the most prolific antibody library source of drug candidates in the pharmaceutical industry.

The most challenging targets, GPCRs, ion channels and other complex transmembrane proteins, are now also yielding to the MorphoSys approach. MorphoSys’s Ylanthia library, the successor to HuCAL, was specifically conceived and designed to meet these challenges. Success rates in antibody generation against these types of targets exceed 75%.

Read on for more details on MorphoSys’s unique antibody platform.