Scientific research expertise

MorphoSys is pushing the boundaries of antibody generation in its attempts to generate antibody drugs with differentiated development potential and product characteristics. Our scientists are antibody experts, but our core capabilities can be applied to a broader range of molecules and drug classes. With more than 25 years’ experience in drug discovery and development, MorphoSys can give therapeutic projects a head start.

Discovery, Alliances and Technologies

The Discovery, Alliances and Technologies department focuses on the progress of MorphoSys’s therapeutic programs with partnered and proprietary compounds. Thanks to their successful execution of projects with MorphoSys’s pharmaceutical and biotech partners, the Company is well-known in the industry as a reliable and high-quality collaboration partner. The department advances the development of new technologies in order to maintain technological leadership in the antibody sector. The team’s scientific knowledge and MorphoSys’s technologies are also the source of the in-house discovery of novel compounds.

Protein Sciences

Protein Sciences is responsible for all production- and analytics-related tasks within MorphoSys’s customer projects and its proprietary discovery and drug development programs. The declared aim is to develop the best production method and route of administration for a program. With their expertise in protein production and characterization, this scientific team acts as an asset for the speed and quality of MorphoSys’s partnered and proprietary drug development programs.

Preclinical Development

The preclinical stage of drug development requires the application of rigorous scientific standards and expertise to effectively advance drug candidates from the laboratory to clinical trials. MorphoSys has the scientific expertise and experience required for the design, execution, and documentation of studies during all phases of preclinical drug development. The Preclinical Development team takes care of the comprehensive characterization of the proprietary lead compounds in terms of pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacokinetics.

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