value of medicine
value of medicine

Value of Medicines

Treating patients for the greater good

At MorphoSys, we strive to discover, develop, and deliver breakthrough cancer therapies to patients who need them.

Society relies on companies like MorphoSys to provide new medicines to help address unmet medical needs, and we take seriously the trust that patients, caregivers, and HCPs place in us.

We believe our commitment does not end until our treatments are accessible and affordable for the patients who are prescribed them.

As with other healthcare products and services, the medicines that HCPs administer to their patients are judged by the overall value they are able to provide. The determination of value can mean different things to various stakeholders, including patients and caregivers, the healthcare system, and the broader society.

For patients and caregivers, value may mean the opportunity to lead a longer, more active life, or to see an improvement in the symptoms of a particular disease.

Healthcare systems often see value in medicines that treat conditions effectively at a predictable cost, and society may value solutions that help people stay productive and healthy longer.

Healthcare Pricing Disclosures

MorphoSys fully adheres to the federal, state, and local laws and regulations that govern what we do, including those that govern healthcare pricing and disclosures of costs. 

Colorado Disclosure Act

  • This information is intended for Colorado Prescribers.

Colorado law HB 19-1131 requires the manufacturer, when engaging in prescription drug marketing to Colorado prescribers, to provide Colorado prescribers with the wholesale acquisition cost (WAC) of the manufacturer prescription drug. Also, the manufacturer must provide the names of at least three generic prescription drugs, if available, from the same therapeutic class (i.e., similar drugs that have the same or similar mechanism of action used to treat a specific condition).

MONJUVI (tafasitamab cxix) Disclosure Form