“MorphoSys is highly aware of the responsibility for present and future generations. The Company is looking closely at how to measure the impact the activities have on patients, employees, the environment and society as a whole and how it can continually improve in all areas of ESG.”

Sharon Curran, Member of the Supervisory Board

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am pleased to introduce MorphoSys’ 2022 Non-Financial Group Report addressing environmental, social and governance topics. Below I highlight a few key points from the report.

Ensuring patient access to our medicines.

At MorphoSys, we are driven by the urgency to deliver medicines that can improve the quality of life for people living with cancer. Critical to this is ensuring that patients have access to these treatments. In 2022, MorphoSys continued in the US the work through My MISSION Support to help patients access appropriate and necessary care. As MorphoSys advances additional therapies in its pipeline, the Company is looking to enhance the current support offerings to address new indications and products.

Spotlight on our people, our most important asset.

In 2022, MorphoSys increased the focus on another essential part of its business – the employees. The acquisition of Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 2021 and the ongoing challenging environment for hiring talent make this area a specific priority. The Company strengthened its commitment to transparency and equal opportunity in job vacancies, to employee development, and to enhancing the positive working environment. In fact, in 2022 MorphoSys added employee development as topic to evaluate and assess its performance in this key area.

Important in focusing on our people is listening to what they have to say. Thus, the annual employee survey was made a top priority, adding the results to MorphoSys’ key performance indicators and making employee engagement an important success factor. The Company was gratified to see that, while there is always room for improvement, it had positive employee scores in all three components of ESG.

Making our world more sustainable.

With the increasingly visible impact of climate change and fewer resources available for more people, sustainability has become an ever more pressing issue. We are conscious of the responsibility MorphoSys shares for present and future generations.

To put weight behind our words, for the first time, MorphoSys is publishing data on its carbon footprint. The greenhouse gas emissions data provided in this report will help to set environmental goals and further enhance the measurements already in use.

It is necessary that MorphoSys view its activities through both a narrow and a broad lens. The Company will continue to look carefully at how its actions impact patients, employees, the environment, and society as a whole.


Sharon Curran
Member of the Supervisory Board