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We develop exceptional, innovative biopharmaceuticals
to improve the lives of patients suffering
from serious diseases.

Find out more about our therapeutic programs and project advancements in our Annual Report 2016.

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Engineering the medicines 
of tomorrow

Learn how MorphoSys approaches drug development.

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Hematological cancers 
affect adults and children alike.

MorphoSys is developing several blood cancer programs.

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Antibody drugs have transformed the way 
inflammatory and autoimmune diseases are treated today.

MorphoSys is exploring new approaches to continue this success.

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Solid tumors can occur in 
several organs of the human body.

MorphoSys and its partners are working on a broad portfolio of new therapies.

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MorphoSys's vision

MorphoSys is committed to developing exceptional new treatments for patients suffering from serious diseases. A leader in the field of therapeutic antibodies today, MorphoSys is driven by the ambition of creating the most valuable pipeline of biopharmaceuticals in the biotechnology industry.

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MorphoSys to Host Q1 2017 Conference Call on May 3, 2017
MorphoSys to Present at Upcoming Conferences
MorphoSys Nominates New Candidate for Supervisory Board
MorphoSys's CSO Marlies Sproll Takes Temporary Leave Markus...
MorphoSys AG Presents Strong Results for Fiscal Year 2016
MorphoSys Partner to Start New Phase 3 Clinical Trials with Gantenerumab...
MorphoSys Announces That Its Licensee Janssen Has Reported New Data From...
MorphoSys's Subsidiary Lanthio Pharma Initiates First-in-Human...
District Court Grants MorphoSys's Request to Add Second Patent in...
MorphoSys Partner to Start Phase 2 Trial with Bimagrumab in Obese Patients...

May 3, 2017
Conference Call and Webcast Q1 Results

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Therapeutic pipeline

MorphoSys has established one of the broadest pipelines in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Media and investors

MorphoSys is driven by the ambition to create the most valuable pipeline of biopharmaceuticals in the industry.
Media and investors

Partnering opportunities

Collaborations are a main component of our strategy. We are open to discuss deal structures where we can contribute to the development of novel drugs in a significant way.
Partnering opportunities

Drug development capabilities

MorphoSys is dedicated to become a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company including late stage clinical development and marketing/co-promotion of its own drugs.
Drug development capabilities

Leading antibody technologies

MorphoSys has made HuCAL and its successor technology Ylanthia into reliable sources of therapeutic antibody candidates.
Leading Antibody Technologies

Proprietary program MOR208

When blood formation leads to cancer: the CD19-antibody MOR208 is currently being evaluated in ALL, CLL and NHL.

Antibody backgrounder

Antibodies are essential to life. Today, these molecules are used as therapeutic agents for the treatment of severe diseases.
Antibody Backgrounder

Proprietary program MOR209

Together with Emergent BioSolutions, MorphoSys is developing a new way to fight prostate cancer.

Lighthouse project Gantenerumab

Is being developed by Roche for Alzheimer´s desease.