We are curious, fast and brave. We are scientific experts who want to improve the lives of patients. We rely on our outstanding scientific know-how, our leading antibody technology and novel therapeutic approaches to discover, develop and deliver transformative therapies for people who are impacted by cancer and autoimmune diseases.


We are a reliable partner committed to the highest quality in everything we do. We provide top-quality products and services and are dedicated to excellence and safety in all processes of our value chain. We are fully aware that we bear a great responsibility.


We firmly believe that advanced antibody-based therapies are a key to treating cancer and autoimmune diseases. We love science, but even more so, we love helping patients who are impacted by these diseases. Every day we come to work driven to make a difference.

The patient in mind

Being able to help patients, give them hope and provide them with the best treatment available is our strongest motivation. Therefore, everything we do, every product, process, contact and service, needs to be of the highest quality to meet patients’ needs.

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