MorphoSys scientist working in the company’s labs in Planegg
MorphoSys scientist working in the company’s labs in Planegg

Our Science

MorphoSys applies state-of-the-art research capabilities and expertise in novel discovery platforms to develop new compounds.

At MorphoSys, all disciplines and teams work hand in hand to facilitate the advancement of novel compounds, from their discovery through to clinical development.

Value of Science

We believe that successful drug development is not a matter of chance, but based on a profound understanding of disease biology, excellent technologies and extensive experience in the selection, characterization and development of therapeutic candidates.

With our skills, knowledge and expertise, we have built a comprehensive portfolio of promising drug candidates. Technologies are an essential part of the development process of a compound. Smarter tools provide faster, more flexible and, ultimately, better-quality access to drug candidates. Our technologies are setting the standard for how antibodies have been made and will be developed in the future. They provide rapid and direct access to fully human antibodies for use as research tools, diagnostics and therapeutics.

Clinical Development


Our Pipeline

View our own pipeline and a selection of clinical programs developed by our partners.

MorphoSys’ lighthouse programs



A selective small-molecule designed to promote anti-tumor activity by inhibiting the function of BET proteins.




A monoclonal antibody directed against the antigen CD19.


Tulmimetostat (CPI-0209)

A second-generation EZH2 inhibitor that has been designed to achieve comprehensive target coverage through extended on-target residence time