Speaker stands in front of a crowd
Speaker stands in front of a crowd

Medical Congresses

MorphoSys releases data at scientific congresses to show our progress and continued commitment to people living with cancer.

2024 Congresses & Symposiums

ASCO 2024

Annual meeting featuring presentations on the latest research in cancer care.

31/05 - 04/06 Chicago, IL

EHA 2024

European-based organization and congress promoting excellence in hematology.

13/06 - 16/06 Madrid, Spain


2023 & 2022

View previously presented MorphoSys oral presentations and posters.

MorphoSys is providing the data presented at medical congresses as part of scientific exchange. The scientific information may include data/information on investigational use(s) of compounds/drugs of which the efficacy and safety have not yet been established. Information available on this website is not intended to promote or otherwise commercialize (directly or indirectly) any off-label or unapproved uses of MorphoSys’ products. Copies of congress presentations may not be reproduced without written permission from the congress and the authors.